Vampires Portraits


This is a serie of digitized photographs portraying human-vampires in stillness, resembling a classic modelling pose for portrait painting. Historically, the aim of portraits were primarily memorialized the rich and powerful, capturing the beauty and youth of a moment that cannot be returned back. Portraits wish for eternity, in an attempt to stop time, ageing, and the natural course of dying. Vampires never age. They live forever as long as they reclute in darkness. These portraits paradoxically refer to the nostalgy of eternity and the frightening desire of an end, death. Even the pose is determined to be the same for each subject, the trapped soul reveals itself through sutil gestures, the chest, hairs, shoulders, hands and sight.

“That the vampire is also represented as a form of were-animal, fanged and nocturnal, suggests that as a psychic factor it shuns the light of consciousness, manifesting in the twilight of the subliminal as a sexual compulsion or another form of raw, insatiable hunger that cannot be put to rest and eventually takes possession of the whole personality. The most deadly aspect of the classic vampire is that with each attack it replicates its condition in the victim, who becomes one of the melancholy, exhausted or restless, ´dead´” –The Book of Symbols,  edited by Ami Ronnberg and Kathleen Martin. Germany: Taschen, 2010. Page 700.