The Ninja Practice

is a self-invented, ruleless, sense full, awkward practice that embeds physicality, imagination/narration and spirituality. The practice goes from hands-on work with the material of the body, physics and remind us our own survival skills. But later, the space is shaped by continuous encounter of mystical enchanted beasts. Games are made from rules, but rules are made from gaming, too. What is confusing and burning is also exhilarating, a matter of trust, of being in the world, a longing for cinematic moments, longing for a new beginning every time, longing to start from scratch and from scratching. Ninjas are kamikazes that will loose everything or win it all in an attempt to free themselves from vertical thinking and domestication.

The Ninja Practice Slash Workshop will be dedicated to awake our inner ninja. To let the spirit of the ninja to posses you, but wait who is possessing who? Ninjas doubt about everything but one thing is undoubted, doubts will not stop us. Elements that originally come from Contact Improvisation but were badly corrupted by “bad habits” or take-it-to the-limit-kind-of-thing, they don’t want to impose a shape or teach a technique, and not necessarily want to make it easier for you. Grabbing, locking, rubbing, twisting, bending, jumping, using your feet as hands and you hands as forks. There is a lot to be discover in the making itself. By this, doesn’t mean we won’t actually deal with balance, speed, action-reaction, landing, weight-shifting, flying, love and trust; or use you partner as a mattress so you can spread around. Learning how your body and only your body can move and bring attention to control how not to hurt your partner but make them feel safe and grounded and not to be hurt by their spontaneous excitation and swag into a journey together with no compromise.


As the wound is closing other things are opening. A new level of consciousness. I become perceptive to the small details. I become persistent. I no longer longing for belonging. I am at home.

Images flashes me like movie trailers on the screen. I become one with the flow of action passing in and out of me. My body is like a house on Fire. My voice become consistence and fearless.

I no longer give power to what I see with my eyes, but what I perceive, with my ninja soul. I am being the witness and the actionist of suffering caused in this world. I see all the time things coming to life and dying. Nothing is static. And in this ball of life, that is running at high speed, I become aware that, one day it will fall down the cliff and disappear again in the galaxy. I respect my limitation so much… that I stand on it and look around. Is this real life….or is this just fantasy?

I wake up having in my mind all this choices. I wake up fresh. But not always, Not after a battle. And the battle continues, I know it will continue till I die. But in this moments of restlessness I know I have a key to convert any type of exhaustion in a Breath. Any type of breathing in an action. I continue breathing and I will continue acting and I will continue searching till i die.

ninjas 2014

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Look at the Camera from Rocio Marano on Vimeo.