DANZA SIN FIN Video-Documentary (2012)


Paquita dreamt about dancing. One afternoon in Plaza Mayor, Palma de Mallorca, she dreamt about Carolina, with whom she learnt her first steps in the dance world. Some time after she dreamt a group of dancers and made Pauline appear in that dream, with whom she worked until she got to a theatre stage. Each time more skilled in the art of creating realities she dreamt about Rocio documenting with her camera the creative process we are living of wHich you can be part too.

Danza Sin Fin (video documental) what seems impossible is made possible dancing. A touching story that inspires and dissolves prejudices. Disability teaches us how limitations are diluted when we focus on possibilities. A person on a wheel chair has movement limitations as any other person, and also possibilities. These possibilities inspire our story and surprise us. The documentary focuses on part of the process in which Paquita – who lives with her cerebral palsy from birth – starts taking dance lessons and thus stops feeling a prisoner of her own body. At the age of 30 she makes a dream that seemed impossible come true: to dance.

During dance lessons she learns a language that enables her to share her body experience with others, working with elements of Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering, Dance Ability and Meditation among others. The whole documentary walks us through the lessons with Carolina; Jams (spaces for improvisation) with the Contact Improvisation Group of Palma de Mallorca; urban interventions; rehearsals; the theatre with Pauline; her house; conversations with her mother; images from the past and visions of the future.

SCRIPT Carolina Becker – DIRECTION, CAMERA AND EDITING Rocio Marano – DANCERS Carolina Becker, Paquita Ferragut, Pauline Thevenot – MUSIC Quique Sinesi, Hindi Zahra – GRAPHIC DESIGN Rocio Marano – ILLUSTRATIONS David Tur y Serena Perrotta

Thanks to: Quique Sinesi, Hindi Zahra, Onofre, Grupo de Contact Improvisación Mallorca, Casal de Llevant Palma de Mallorca, Teatro Xesc Forteza