BLIND DATE Literally (2018)

Choreography, Performance, Costumes: Rocio Marano & Lea Kieffer. Music: Thomas Proksch.

FTA Montreal 2018 – LaMaMa Aunts New York 2018 – Handy Jam Detroit 2018 – Love-in Toronto 2018 – DOCK11 Berlin 2019

Los† Ninjas Practice is a rule-free, sense-filled, non-sensed, awkward practice that goes from hands-on work with the material of the body and reminds us our own survival skills. Los† Ninjas create a form of myth-making that discharge the equations by animating the varieties of play, kinds of wildness and forms of daring. Our proposal, this time, focuses on body sensory skills and experiences that dispense from the sight sense, blindfolded we are guided by what cannot be seen: guts feelings, dreams, visions, solid objects, emotions, sights, sounds, smells, or any kind of sensation.

With the kindly support of Cie Parbleux Montreal and Goethe Institut.