money cure

Date 17th Jan – HilbertRaum Berlin Direction and Curator Akemi Nagao Technical Support HfS Ernst Busch

Date 24th Feb – Volksroom Brussels.

They pass from hand to hand the belongings, the tools, the caresses, the electricity, the money.

Exhibition of the movie Money Cure (2019), with Eli Cornejo, Orestila Migues, Laura Eva Meuris and La tía Ramona.

A video testimony of an aunty is the kickstart for a performance that brings together personal stories of family and friends from the narrative of the hands. The female hand to which are attributed the fetish of luxury objects. The magic hand of the one who heals and prays. The hand of the mother, which become essential to the needs of the child. The hand which will be used as a trigger for thoughts and sensations.

Money Cure

elicornejo@2020 Hilbertraum Berlin