ANTIHOMENAJE DADA — Bienal de Performance de Buenos Aires 2017


Inspired by “Insanity Workout”, a series of high-intensity home-workout DVDs, Cat Ninja dived into an extreme solo adventure. Combining somatic practices and extreme workout to find out strategies and similarities to deal with movement in daily life and tough situations. Consequently, she finds a place for a Machine-like mindset with emotional glitches emerging. A subworld of edgy humor and grotesque extravaganza in fitness outfit. Exploring the natural body-releasing rush of hormones (like endorphins, serotonin, estrogen, dopamine, and testosterone) converting her own combination of exercises, including a tongue workout, into something we could call a DADA dance.


R: It was this friction with the design industry that has inspired some of my creative work, as for example in Insanity Solo. In the piece, I start from the premise that the extreme version of a product or service, suppose for the hyper-consumerist society, an improvement of the prior instead of a perverse amplification of it. The embodiment of both an aggressive and repairing gesture acts as a counter force for the dictatorial speeches of Fitness coaches. The idea of the body as a machine controlled by the mind is confronted here with a holistic view, where the body is not separate from the mind, and fails on its attempt to act like one.

Insanity was originally coming from a movement research combining KRUMP and Feldenkrais and its name refers to American home workout Insanity MAXOUT. It’s also an intervention to perform together with the hormones generated by an intense-active body and explore movement within “the zone” or “runner’s high”. Practicing Krump is my personal Quest with the emotion of anger. With the dance-ritual of the Krumper I intent to transform the perception of anger from negative and destructive to an expansive source of energy that is creative, purposeful and even comical.