DANZA SIN FIN – Video-Documentary (2012)

Paquita dreamt about dancing.

One afternoon in Plaza Mayor, Palma de Mallorca, she dreamt about Carolina, with whom she learnt her first steps in the dance world. Some time after she dreamt a group of dancers and made Pauline appear in that dream, with whom she worked until she got to a theatre stage. Each time more skilled in the art of creating realities she dreamt about Rocio documenting with her camera the creative process we are living of wHich you can be part too.

Danza Sin Fin (video documental) what seems impossible is made possible dancing. A touching story that inspires and dissolves prejudices. Disability teaches us how limitations are diluted when we focus on possibilities. A person on a wheel chair has movement limitations as any other person, and also possibilities. These possibilities inspire our story and surprise us. The documentary focuses on part of the process in which Paquita – who lives with her cerebral palsy from birth – starts taking dance lessons and thus stops feeling a prisoner of her own body.

At the age of 30 she makes a dream that seemed impossible come true: to dance. During dance lessons she learns a language that enables her to share her body experience with others, working with elements of Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering, Dance Ability and Meditation among others. The whole documentary walks us through the lessons with Carolina; Jams (spaces for improvisation) with the Contact Improvisation Group of Palma de Mallorca; urban interventions; rehearsals; the theatre with Pauline; her house; conversations with her mother; images from the past and visions of the future.

SCRIPT Carolina Becker DIRECTION, CAMERA AND EDITING Rocio Marano DANCERS Carolina Becker, Paquita Ferragut, Pauline Thevenot MUSIC Quique Sinesi GRAPHIC DESIGN Rocio Marano ILLUSTRATIONS David Tur y Serena Perrotta

Thanks to: Quique Sinesi, Onofre, Grupo de Contact Improvisación Mallorca, Casal de Llevant Palma de Mallorca, Teatre Xesc Forteza





CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE: Rocio Marano. ASSISTENT, PERFORMANCE: Lea Kieffer, MUSIC: Thomas Proksch. ANTIHOMENAJE DADÁ ( 101 años del Cabaret Voltaire ) BIENAL DE PERFORMANCE DE BUENOS AIRES 2017 – Curated by Emilio Garcia Wehbi and Ricardo Ibarlucía. Mayo 2017

Inspired by “Insanity Workout”, a series of high-intensity home-workout DVDs, Cat Ninja dived into an extreme solo adventure. Combining somatic practices like Feldenkrais and extreme workout to find out strategies and similarities to deal with movement in daily life and tough situations. The “extreme” version of anything is now widely assumed to be an improvement on the original rather than a perverse amplification of it, seeking solace in self-abnegation and suffering. Consequently, she finds a place for a Machine-like mindset with emotional glitches emerging. A subworld of edgy humor and grotesque extravaganza in fitness outfit. Exploring the natural body-releasing rush of hormones (like endorphins, serotonin, estrogen, dopamine, and testosterone) converting her own combination of exercises including face muscles workout into something we could call a DADA dance.

Antihomenaje Dadá - Bienal de Performance de Buenos Aires 2017 - BP17 - Ph. Andrés Manrique


LosT NINJAS is a practice developed in collaboration with Lea Kieffer from 2014 till the present moment.

It is when the inner ninja is awaken that the space is ready to be shaped by the continuous encounter of mystical beasts. Games are made from rules, but rules are made from gaming, too. What is confusing and burning is also exhilarating, a matter of trust, of being in the world, a longing for cinematic moments, a longing for a new beginning every time, to start from scratch and from scratching. Grabbing, locking, rubbing, twisting, bending, jumping, using your feet as hands and you hands as forks or use another body as a mattress so you can land softly. To name some of our practices: Awakening the Inner-Ninja, Dragon Ball, Kiss the Floor, Fake killing, No-ending dying lapdance, Eaten by the Space, Kinectic-Ninja, Epic Writing, The Cage, Eye Gazing, Stretching time.

PH: Alma Tospern

LosT Ninjas shared workshops in Amsterdam, Freiburg, Leipzig, Brusels, Katalyst Festival Köln, Copenhagen, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, SMASH Berlin, during the exhibition “Immersions – Welt ohne Aussen”, Martin Gropius Bau Berlin. LosT Ninjas travelled to U.S.A. for a mobile residency: LosT Ninjas on the Road, performing and teaching in New york, Toronto, Detroit and Montreal. This project was supported by Goethe Institut Chicago, Institut de Estudis Balears, Love-in Toronto, Ponyride Detroit, FTA Festival Montreal, and Cie Parbleux Benoit Lachambre. They have also funded MUDPACK, a collektiv that performs and teaches every year at Techno-festival Waking Life, in Crato, Portugal (2017-2019)

Read more about LosT Ninjas here


Stream Switch, 2018

von Philipp Bergmann und Thea Reifler Performance: Rocio Marano Miguez, Thomas Proksch, Alexey Kokhanov Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Lilly Pfalzer

Performance Termin: Do 03.01.2019 16:00 Uhr – 20:00 Uhr
Ort: Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin

©️Marina Hoppmann

Return of a Goddess, 2018

KONZEPT, UMSETZUNG: Philipp Bergmann, Thea Reifler, Matthias Schönijahn, Małgorzata Wdowik. TANZ, PERFORMANCE: Lea Kieffer, Rocio Marano Miguez KAMERA, ÜBERSETZUNG: Daniel Ulacia PRODUKTIONSLEITUNG MEXIKO: Pia Siliceo Trueba LICHT: Laura Eggert KOSTÜME: Wsiura PRODUKTIONSLEITUNG DEUTSCHLAND: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

Eine Produktion von K.A.U.&Wdowik in Koproduktion mit SOPHIENSÆLE. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds mit Unterstützung von PACT Zollverein, Gessnerallee Zürich und Goethe Institut México.

©️Nils Heck

Le_Go, 2018

von Thomas Proksch mit Rocio Marano und Michael Helland. Exhibition Immersions: Welt ohne Aussen at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin in June 2018, produced in residency at Villa Empain Brussels.

Lake in the Lobby, 2015

Choreography Alma Toaspern. Outside Eye Susanne Grau and Katja Kämmerer Dance Emilie Garetier, Lucas Bassereau and Rocio Marano Shows    Mousonturm Frankfurt  December 2015 – Production   Tanzlabor 21 | Tanzbasis Rhein/ Main


Regie, Choreografie Julian Rauter, Susanne Grau / Bühne Andi Willmann/ Kostüm Alisa M. Hecke / Lichtdesign Jakob Bauer / Performer Rocio Marano, Maxwell McCarthy, Katrin Wiedemann / Öffentlichkeitsarbeit NRW Anika bendel Bilder: Doreen Schuster, Janosch Rauter Koproduktion LOFFT – DAS THEATER in Kooperation mit dem Maschinenhaus Essen.


LosT Ninjas Practice

Los(t) Ninjas Practice was born around 2013 when Lea Kieffer (aka Sue-Cide) and Rocio Marano (aka Cat Ninja) physically crashed into each other pulled by their obsessions of bodies colliding, quirky moves and fantastic storytelling. They have created several pieces and performed together in Pink Blue Martini, Ibiza Labour Camp, Ibiza Revenge, Genesis of the Ninja/Drawing the Mandala, Matter of Blood, Blind Date (Literally).

In 2017, Thomas Proksch DJ T#0T#0 a.k.a Ninja Totonaca provided Los(t) Ninjas Workshops and Performance with live-compositions of a cinematic fleur. For the presentation of Rocio’s first full-lenght Solo: Insanity Solo (Tour 2017) first premiered at P-bodies Festival in Leipzig 2016 and now, reconstructed for the white cube; Thomas was key for the development of a mobile performance with the help of bluetooth speakers and special apps. The performative installation was named Antihomenaje DADA and was configure under the frame of Bienal de Performance de Buenos Aires BP17, curated by Emilio Garcia Webhi and Ricardo Ibarlucia.

LosT Ninjas shared workshops in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and in Europe: Amsterdam, Freiburg, Leipzig, Brusels, Katalyst Festival Köln, Copenhagen, SMASH Berlin, and in the exhibition “Immersions – Welt ohne Aussen”, Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, 2018. That same year, LosT Ninjas travelled to U.S.A. for a mobile residency: LosT Ninjas on the Road, performing and teaching in New york, Toronto, Detroit and Montreal. This project was supported by Goethe Institut Chicago, Institut de Estudis Balears, Love-in Toronto, Ponyride Detroit, FTA Festival Montreal, and company Benoit Lachambre. LosT Ninjas have also funded MUDPACK, a collektiv that performs and teaches every year at Techno-festival Waking Life, in Crato, Portugal (2017-2019)


CHOREOGRAFIE, PERFORMANCE Lea Kieffer, Michael Shapira MUSIK Manon Parent KOSTÜM Lea Kieffer MENTORING Peter Pleyer SHORT FILM TRAILER Rocio Marano. Kindly supported by Tanztage Berlin and SOPHIENSÆLE (2013).


IBIZA Labor Camp by LOST NINJAS |2014| Dance-Video Research Project and Residency


KONCEPT: Rocio Marano and Lea Kieffer MUSIC: Daniel Sapir PERFORMANCE: Jefta Tanate, Pierre Enaux, Reut Shaibe, Daniel Sapir, Lea Kieffer and Rocio Marano FILM: Rocio Marano

Supported by Dance and Performance Festival, Ibiza Contact Festival 2014
We are a tribe meeting in an old Phoenician island. We use the body as weapon to build a material that has no shape but the shape of the performers themselves and the trade between them. We will document this. It won’t be real but it won’t be fake, like free ninjas running across olive trees and techno music. We move leaning toward the vandalism of Western movies and the cuteness of Youtube cat’s videos.”

We will create a frame of work that aims to bring the body to an ultimate place of presence and readiness. We will train physically in order to develop a common movement vocabulary. Our goal is to create primarily from the body intelligence.
The work will find its’ base in “the making” of itself. We will track the things that thrill and touch us, practice trust and bravery, raise up the physical and dramatic potential of the material and of each performer. We play the game and take the risk to loose. We will present an excerpt of the documented material combined with a live-performance, both virtual and flesh meeting at the point zero of not returning.
Our creative camp will be strengthen by artists from different backgrounds and countries who are willing to play the game of creators and collaborators and who share our deep inner desires and interests in the work of video dance. They are Jefta Tanate, Pierre Enaux, Reut Shaibe, Daniel Sapir, Lea Kieffer and Rocio Marano.



Research and Development LILA


CONCEPT AND DANCE: Susanne Grau and Rocio Marano MUSIK: Jonas Dometshauser. Supported by the SK Stiftung Kultur and Quartier Am Hafen, Cologne. Germany.

This research works on the coaction of of dance and music, movement and rhythm, investigating the creation and dissolution of atmospheres and states. „Lila“ is a Sanskrit word that describes The game of creation, destruction and recreation. LILA is searching for a format where performance and concert can coexist.

How can the visual and acoustical level be understand as voices of a polyphone structure? The pulse is driving the events. The creation of tension and relaxation, construction and deconstruction will be approached through dealing with the musical phenomena of polymeric and polyrhythm, so to say the overlap of several pulses or different accents.

In the development of a movement language we take inspiration from krumping and house dance. As house dance is a style with fast legwork and accents on the offbeats, which produces a feeling of lightness, Krumping is a very earthy, expressive and fast style, a constructive relief of aggression. We are interested in aggression and lightness as opposite qualities to embody and overlap.



CHOREOGRAFIE, PERFORMANCE: Rocio Marano, Lea Kieffer. PERFORMANCE, BÜHNE: Gaëtan Rusquet. KOSTÜME: Lea Kieffer. DRAMATURGISCHE BEGLEITUNG: Maja Zimmermann. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Tanzfabrik, ada Studios, Dock 11 Eden und Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte. Special thanks to: Gaëtan Rusquet, Annegret Schalke, Jaseem Hindi, Johanne Merke, Angela Schubot and Ibiza Contact Festival


TANZTAGE BERLIN 2016 – KÜNSTLERISCHE LEITUNG: Anna Mülter. Die 25. Tanztage Berlin sind eine Produktion der SOPHIENSÆLE

A DRIVE TOWARD EPICNESS. A collision of souls. LosT Ninjas are ruling the game. At the edge of the cliff, they search for the ultimate state of presence, with their bodies as weapons, a taste of blood in their mouth, they are ready to kill and heal and trespass. Commitment is in the heart and printed on the skin.