Rocio Marano is an Argentinian dancer, video-maker and creator. Her backbone is spread in different artistic fields from graphic design, photography to dance. While obtaining the degree in graphic design she was part of and Integral Psychophysical School of Performing Arts. In those four years, she practiced Martial Arts, Tensegridad (C. Castaneda) and acting and became part of the Theater Productions. She later continues an independent education in contemporary dance and moves to Berlin where she attends to SMASH – Intensive Training in experimental physical performance. Since then, she has been working in her own projects and with other artists and choreographers like Julian Rauter, Susanne Grau (Traum Einer Sache and LILa) and Lea Kieffer with whom she works regularly in the co-created “The Ninja Practice”The Ninjas have focused on developing an idiosyncratic Ninja dance vocabulary, improvisation structures and alternative strategies for performance-making based on being Ninjas (modern meaning of the term ninja). They play with the possibilities and struggles of immediacy and the whole range of physical contact.

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