In Insanity Solo, I start from the premise that the extreme version of a product or service, suppose for the hyper-consumerist society, an improvement of the prior instead of a perverse amplification of it. The embodiment of both an aggressive and repairing gesture acts as a counter force for the dictatorial speeches of Fitness coaches. The idea of the body as a machine controlled by the mind is confronted here with a holistic view, where the body is not separate from the mind, and fails on its attempt to act like one. For the movement material in Insanity Solo I continued a previous research on KRUMP I had started the year before. This time I was combining it with Feldenkrais Method and looking at how different body-based disciplines work from a specific idea of what is the body.

It’s also an intervention to perform together with the hormones generated by an intense-active body and explore movement within “the zone” or “runner’s high”. With the dance-ritual of the Krumper I intent to transform the perception of anger from negative and destructive to an expansive source of energy that is creative and purposeful.