LosT NINJAS is a practice developed in collaboration with Lea Kieffer from 2014 till the present moment.

It is when the inner ninja is awaken that the space is ready to be shaped by the continuous encounter of mystical beasts. Games are made from rules, but rules are made from gaming, too. What is confusing and burning is also exhilarating, a matter of trust, of being in the world, a longing for cinematic moments, a longing for a new beginning every time, to start from scratch and from scratching. Grabbing, locking, rubbing, twisting, bending, jumping, using your feet as hands and you hands as forks or use another body as a mattress so you can land softly. To name some of our practices: Awakening the Inner-Ninja, Dragon Ball, Kiss the Floor, Fake killing, No-ending dying lapdance, Eaten by the Space, Kinectic-Ninja, Epic Writing, The Cage, Eye Gazing, Stretching time.

PH: Alma Tospern

LosT Ninjas shared workshops in Amsterdam, Freiburg, Leipzig, Brusels, Katalyst Festival Köln, Copenhagen, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, SMASH Berlin, during the exhibition “Immersions – Welt ohne Aussen”, Martin Gropius Bau Berlin. LosT Ninjas travelled to U.S.A. for a mobile residency: LosT Ninjas on the Road, performing and teaching in New york, Toronto, Detroit and Montreal. This project was supported by Goethe Institut Chicago, Institut de Estudis Balears, Love-in Toronto, Ponyride Detroit, FTA Festival Montreal, and Cie Parbleux Benoit Lachambre. They have also funded MUDPACK, a collektiv that performs and teaches every year at Techno-festival Waking Life, in Crato, Portugal (2017-2019)

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