LosT Ninjas Practice

Los(t) Ninjas Practice was born around 2013 when Lea Kieffer (aka Sue-Cide) and Rocio Marano (aka Cat Ninja) physically crashed into each other pulled by their obsessions of bodies colliding, quirky moves and fantastic storytelling. They have created several pieces and performed together in Pink Blue Martini, Ibiza Labour Camp, Ibiza Revenge, Genesis of the Ninja/Drawing the Mandala, Matter of Blood, Blind Date (Literally).

In 2017, Thomas Proksch DJ T#0T#0 a.k.a Ninja Totonaca provided Los(t) Ninjas Workshops and Performance with live-compositions of a cinematic fleur. For the presentation of Rocio’s first full-lenght Solo: Insanity Solo (Tour 2017) first premiered at P-bodies Festival in Leipzig 2016 and now, reconstructed for the white cube; Thomas was key for the development of a mobile performance with the help of bluetooth speakers and special apps. The performative installation was named Antihomenaje DADA and was configure under the frame of Bienal de Performance de Buenos Aires BP17, curated by Emilio Garcia Webhi and Ricardo Ibarlucia.

LosT Ninjas shared workshops in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and in Europe: Amsterdam, Freiburg, Leipzig, Brusels, Katalyst Festival Köln, Copenhagen, SMASH Berlin, and in the exhibition “Immersions – Welt ohne Aussen”, Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, 2018. That same year, LosT Ninjas travelled to U.S.A. for a mobile residency: LosT Ninjas on the Road, performing and teaching in New york, Toronto, Detroit and Montreal. This project was supported by Goethe Institut Chicago, Institut de Estudis Balears, Love-in Toronto, Ponyride Detroit, FTA Festival Montreal, and company Benoit Lachambre. LosT Ninjas have also funded MUDPACK, a collektiv that performs and teaches every year at Techno-festival Waking Life, in Crato, Portugal (2017-2019)