IBIZA Labor Camp by LOST NINJAS |2014| Dance-Video Research Project and Residency


KONCEPT: Rocio Marano and Lea Kieffer MUSIC: Daniel Sapir PERFORMANCE: Jefta Tanate, Pierre Enaux, Reut Shaibe, Daniel Sapir, Lea Kieffer and Rocio Marano FILM: Rocio Marano

Supported by Dance and Performance Festival, Ibiza Contact Festival 2014
We are a tribe meeting in an old Phoenician island. We use the body as weapon to build a material that has no shape but the shape of the performers themselves and the trade between them. We will document this. It won’t be real but it won’t be fake, like free ninjas running across olive trees and techno music. We move leaning toward the vandalism of Western movies and the cuteness of Youtube cat’s videos.”
We will create a frame of work that aims to bring the body to an ultimate place of presence and readiness. We will train physically in order to develop a common movement vocabulary. Our goal is to create primarily from the body intelligence.
The work will find its’ base in “the making” of itself. We will track the things that thrill and touch us, practice trust and bravery, raise up the physical and dramatic potential of the material and of each performer. We play the game and take the risk to loose. We will present an excerpt of the documented material combined with a live-performance, both virtual and flesh meeting at the point zero of not returning.
Our creative camp will be strengthen by artists from different backgrounds and countries who are willing to play the game of creators and collaborators and who share our deep inner desires and interests in the work of video dance. They are Jefta Tanate, Pierre Enaux, Reut Shaibe, Daniel Sapir, Lea Kieffer and Rocio Marano.