Research and Development LILA


CONCEPT AND DANCE: Susanne Grau and Rocio Marano MUSIK: Jonas Dometshauser. Supported by the SK Stiftung Kultur and Quartier Am Hafen, Cologne. Germany.

This research works on the coaction of of dance and music, movement and rhythm, investigating the creation and dissolution of atmospheres and states. „Lila“ is a Sanskrit word that describes The game of creation, destruction and recreation. LILA is searching for a format where performance and concert can coexist.

How can the visual and acoustical level be understand as voices of a polyphone structure? The pulse is driving the events. The creation of tension and relaxation, construction and deconstruction will be approached through dealing with the musical phenomena of polymeric and polyrhythm, so to say the overlap of several pulses or different accents.

In the development of a movement language we take inspiration from krumping and house dance. As house dance is a style with fast legwork and accents on the offbeats, which produces a feeling of lightness, Krumping is a very earthy, expressive and fast style, a constructive relief of aggression. We are interested in aggression and lightness as opposite qualities to embody and overlap.