Insanity Solo


Inspired by “Insanity Workout”, a series of high-intensity home-workout DVDs, Cat Ninja dived into an extreme solo adventure. Combining somatic practices like Feldenkrais and extreme workout to find out strategies and similarities to deal with movement in daily life and tough situations.

The “extreme” version of anything is now widely assumed to be an improvement on the original rather than a perverse amplification of it, seeking solace in self-abnegation and suffering. This is how Cat Ninja started a journey into the discovery of body endurance and it relationship with dance, choreography and its theatricality.

Consequently, she finds a place for a Machine-like mindset with emotional glitch emerging. A subworld of edgy humor and grotesque extravaganza in fitness outfit. Exploring the natural body-releasing rush of hormones (like endorphins, serotonin, estrogen, dopamine and testosterone) converting her own combination of exercises including face muscles workout into something we could call a dance.